In December of 2015, Cyndi began her podcasting career in the studio as Host of SP411 Podcast: Sexy Time With Cyndi for acclaimed escort review board - interviewing independent escorts & agency owners.  When she got her hands on a Zoom H2 handy recorder, THE CYNDI SHOW Pod-umentary was born, documenting Cyndi's day-to-day adventures & mishaps - in the office, in taxi cabs & out in the world (STAY TUNED for it's launch in 2018). From here, STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast organically came to life - where Cyndi & co-host Jessi, gallivant all over the city "capturing the voices of Toronto one stranger at a time."
An artist, entrepreneur and a natural born talent scout, Jessi officially came on board as co-host of STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast when she joined Cyndi on the Fresh Kils episode. She is a free spirit with a curious mind and a passion for learning about the limitless spectrum of the human experience. Jessi’s willingness to push the envelope with her thought provoking questions boldly aims to take this podcast beyond the reaches of everyday podcasting.
Joseph took to podcasting almost immediately after discovering the format back in 2007, developing skills as a Producer, Writer, Director, Performer & Editor.  What started as a hobby & an attempt to get a bunch of friends together to shoot the shit, has become a mission to give as many people a voice as he can. Working all over the city, Joseph takes his gear & expertise with him. When he's not mobile, he works out of a studio in Weston.
Joseph's works can be seen on his Giant Enemy Channel on YouTube, (Sex and Life with Eli Jakeman),  and his own site . He can be reached via email ( ) On Facebook as Joseph Ianni, or Twitter @TinyEnemyShrimp.